About Us

Many internet service providers around the world will run websites that host trace route utility’s for the general public to use, these utility’s can be very useful for network administrators to get a real world view of how the internet gets reachability to their network. This is particularly useful when trying to troubleshoot a networking issue on the world wide web.

Unfortunately as these are free utility’s companies often don’t put a lot of effort into ensuring that their always available, what we do is perform periodic requests to the web servers and ensure their online, any off-line utility’s will be removed from our database until service is restored.

We find this very useful as it just wastes even more time if your trying to troubleshoot a networking problem and most of your test websites are also off-line!

The database is always open for updates, please use the contact us page if you would like to add an entry, update one or even remove one.

Many Thanks
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